Viernes, 28 de Diciembre del 2018

Our *Sparkly* Outfit Idea For Christmas & NYE

With all the catch ups, parties, family get-togethers and dining  comes the stress about what to wear.   Our Tip?   Your favorite &ldqu...

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Martes, 4 de Septiembre del 2018

The Prettiest Coffee Spots in San Francisco

Cafe Reveille     HOME             The Palace   Never Too Latte     La ...

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Martes, 7 de Agosto del 2018

One Shirt Two Ways

Today we’ll be sharing two looks that we think you’ll love. We’ve decided to style one shirt in two ways as we thought this could gi...

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Miércoles, 20 de Junio del 2018

Puff Sleeves Blouses To Add Impact This Summer

The easy update to the classic white shirt -> The exaggerated puff shape that injects a fresh vibe full of volume to any look.   Wear it to br...

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Martes, 8 de Mayo del 2018

One Piece / Three Ways

Suits have been hailed as this season’s MUST-HAVE piece! This season we really LOVE the pastel colors on suits and if you are a loyal follower o...

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Miércoles, 21 de Marzo del 2018

A fcwSF Weekend – Day 1, 2 & 3

We want to talk about our weekend at Fashion Community Week San Francisco! There were so many things we loved, like having a fitting with Seatylish fo...

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Martes, 13 de Marzo del 2018

Where We Get Our Beauty Service in San Francisco

Last week we experienced a luxury service at Stem Salon! We decided to tried out a new hair style for this season and our recommendation for the best ...

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Martes, 13 de Febrero del 2018

Micro Sunglasses on Trend!

The micro-shade sunnies have been everywhere on the runway. These sunglasses step up your shade game in an unconventional way and it differs from the ...

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Martes, 6 de Febrero del 2018

Everyday Favorite: Coin Necklace

If you don’t have a coin necklace, you need to get one now. I have been wearing mine on repeat and find it is more of an everyday piece than any...

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Lunes, 18 de Diciembre del 2017

The power of a red piece

Red is the color of the season. Add a statement piece to any outfit and watch heads turn. It stands out and makes us feel different.   Not sure w...

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Miércoles, 29 de Noviembre del 2017

Who is your style inspiration? Ours…

Ours probably will be Olivia Palermo. Oliviais always setting trends on the streets. Constantly finding the perfect balance between classic and modern...

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Jueves, 18 de Mayo del 2017

Hottest Trend: Gingham Print

It starts getting warmer and we are incorporating this versatile gingham print in our spring wear.   Gingham is very wearable and goes with basi...

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Martes, 9 de Mayo del 2017

¡5 Tendencias para las mejores mamás!

Lo que nos encanta de las mamás es que tienen su ¨grupito de mamás¨ y lo mejor de todo es que ¡Todas son diferentes! Unas...

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Jueves, 13 de Abril del 2017

5 Tendencias para esta primavera 2017

La primavera llegó oficialmente!   La buena noticia es que algunas tendencias del invierno continúan usándose esta primavera...

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Miércoles, 22 de Febrero del 2017

How to Layer a Turtleneck with a Button Shirt

Now its time to talk about this pretty nice white shirt! How amazing is it? We all have a classic white shirt in our closets.   Im a huge fan of ...

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Miércoles, 15 de Febrero del 2017

The sporty girl look called ¨Athleisure¨

Here is a FACT: Women spend hundreds on athletic clothes they dont actually wear to work out!   We adore the idea of comfort FIRST!   Now we...

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Miércoles, 8 de Febrero del 2017

Slogans are the new logos

 What makes slogans work?   This post is really special to us because we keep thinking about the world around us, everyone thinks, dreams an...

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Lunes, 30 de Enero del 2017

Break up black with White & Stripes

It doesnt matter what season it is; for some of us, theres nothing wed rather wear than black and white. These opposite colors are the power couple of...

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Martes, 24 de Enero del 2017

Velvet, velvet, velvet!

Its time to talk about velvet… Although weve been said that velvet is for strictly and formal parties, this texture is also great for everyday ...

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Martes, 17 de Enero del 2017

All black everything

We definitely got a thing for chic black looks. Thats why we try to find new ways to rock black without looking boring. We love how black allows you t...

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Miércoles, 11 de Enero del 2017

Denim before leggings

Nos encanta la tendencia de usar mezclilla en todo y es una de las telas destacadas este año; es cómoda, relajada y práctica. Per...

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Martes, 27 de Diciembre del 2016

Choose power suits over party dresses

Ladies, who love comfort and practicality, most know that blazers can look very stylish and you can be protected from the cold. The diversity of color...

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Viernes, 23 de Diciembre del 2016

New year, new color

The color 2017 is ... GREENERY There will be green everywhere in 2017. "A fresh yellow-green shade" that represents new beginnings. This unexpected co...

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Martes, 20 de Diciembre del 2016

December to remember

¡Diciembre es nuestro mes favorito! Unas de las cosas que nos gusta de este mes son: el chocolate caliente, empezar a sentir el frio, estar abri...

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Martes, 13 de Diciembre del 2016

Back to Coats!

¡Siempre volvemos a los abrigos en invierno! Personalmente pensamos que los abrigos largos tienen un look más sofisticado y clásic...

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Jueves, 8 de Diciembre del 2016

Winter Basics

El cuello de tortuga se ha convertido en uno de los favoritos para usar este invierno, es completamente práctico y nos mantiene abrigadas. Te ...

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Viernes, 2 de Diciembre del 2016

Azul sereno, el color de moda 2016

Este color es un color muy atractivo a la vista.  Es un color que se ve bien en cualquier época del año porque refleja tranquilidad...

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Lunes, 28 de Noviembre del 2016

Mexico is the shit

¡Tenemos la chamarra más cool de México!  Esta no es sólo una chamarra, sino una declaración.    Apoy...

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Miércoles, 16 de Noviembre del 2016

Working Girls Day

Hola a todos, les queremos contar que tuvimos la oportunidad de asistir al evento que realiza cada año la revista Elle ¨Working Girls Day&u...

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Miércoles, 16 de Noviembre del 2016

The Grand Walk in Night

Nos encantó asistir a una noche con grandes diseñadores en Palacio de Hierro Querétaro para ayudar a Puerta abierta IAP, una inst...

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Miércoles, 16 de Noviembre del 2016

Bomber Jacket

Las chamarras bomber han vuelto, y son un must para usar estos meses. El color militar es el que recomendamos más, y es por eso que el verde es...

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