Jueves, 27 de Septiembre del 2018

All About San Francisco Fashion Community Week 2018

This FCWSF we had so much fun experimenting with various trends, styling new designers and modeling for a couple of days!



Some of the designers that we had the opportunity to model were: Veronica Estrada, Ayla Clothing, Fantabela (At The Clift Hotel), Viktoria Tisza, Blood of a Bilionare & Marrisa Brit Holt (At Zelos Hotel), and we can tell you this: WOW!! We are very proud and happy to get to know the designers that were part of this event, absolutely AMAZING PEOPLE!



We feel so inspired and got quite a few new pieces we can’t wait to style.



Thank you again to Fashion Community Week for this partnership and believing on us!



Check out some of our favorite looks from fashion week below. Be sure to comment below your favorite look!




Rosalina & Roxana

R al Cuadrado

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