Miércoles, 1 de Noviembre del 2017

Already 1-Year Blogging! Seriously? – R al Cuadrado

We can’t believe our blog is 1 year old!


We decided to share our passion for fashion when we were about to graduate from collage.


Professional challenges are associated with our job at Splendid and frequent meetings, so the schedule each day is extremely tight.


While the blog has been nothing but a blessing, we wanted to share 3 things we have learned this year. Here they are:


  1. A schedule is KEY

A calendar or schedule is crucial. Having a schedule where we can lay all that out helps a ton.


  1. It takes a lot of effort

We didn’t realize how many late nights and early mornings we would have to make sure we had posts done before our office job. Our blog it’s gotten busier and more work-in a really good way though.


  1. Not to take comments personally

We’ve actually grown a thicker skin and started to accept that there will always be people in the world with mean comments.


 We are really happy for this year full of experiences and blessings! What do you wish you knew? Or what are you struggling with if you’re just starting out?


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