Lunes, 7 de Enero del 2019

How To Stay Pretty When You Are 30,000ft In The Air

If you want to travel anywhere, you are pretty much signing up for 4+ hours in the sky, which means you need a strong in flight beauty routine to combat dry skin.


Through some years of trial and error, We’ve found the best in flight beauty routine to minimise the damage at 30,000ft, and keep me feeling/looking human at the other end.


You can thank us later, but for now, read our full list of tips (including what to eat, drink and put on your face):


1. Hydrate!: The most obvious one, drink water, and LOTS of it.

2. Tea: If water gets boring, order some hot tea with lemon and honey, it helps to keep my digestive system pumping.

3. Lip-balm: Very important!

4. On our face: We use IDEALIA – Vichy face-cream, which we follow with some sunscreen – Anthelios.



5. Elevate: Your feet. Minimises puffy ankles.

6. Eye patches: Your eyes need this too! Helps to reduce the look of fine lines and reveal youthful-looking under eyes.


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