Martes, 27 de Febrero del 2018

Museum of Ice Cream – The Most Instagrammable Museum!

When photos of the Museum of Ice Cream started popping up on the social media sphere we wanted to join in ourselves.

Some basic info and things you need to know before going to MOIC:


- The Museum of Ice Cream is located in three cities: San Francisco, LA & Miami.

- (They won’t stick around forever)

- Book tickets as quickly as possible since they sell out FAST - $38 usd per person + tax. (I had to sit in the website queue for ages trying to get ours)

- After your ticket is verified, about a dozen or so people are put into teams.

- There are time limits on some of the rooms.

- You can get two samplings of ice cream and a cotton candy.

- The rainbow unicorn room – Where you can get a cone made from “unicorn milk” (Only in SFO)

- Swim in Sprinkles – The Sprinkles are NOT real.

- Once you leave a room, you can’t go back!


Overall, we had a really good time! We spent about two hours there. We are so glad that we got to experience it while we are in SFO!


Have you been to the MOIC in Miami, LA or SFO? Let us know your thoughts below!

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