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NYFW: Runways & What We Wore in NYC

Our NYFW outfits were pretty trendy and we tried to do matchy outfits.


Want to know more about our 6 outfit details?




  1. So for Self Portrait & Yuna Yang show, we decided to dress up with a chic monochromatic look: Rosalina – All purple; Turtle neck and Blazer (Ted Baker), pants (Step on Fashion), shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), purse (iIka bags) and headband (Virginia Carbajal)

Roxana – All red; Power coat (Revolve), high heel boots (Fendi), headband (Virginia Carbajal), purse (Stella McCartney)

  1. For Tibi show, we agreed on adding some neon touches to our look:

Rosalina – Blazer (BCBG), turtle neck (Revolve), leather pants (Mango), Pink neon Belt (Ted Baker), pink purse (Prada), pink socks (Off White) & shoes (Jeffrey Campbell)

Roxana – Blazer & Turtle neck (Zara), green neon Belt (Off White), cycling shorts (Revolve), tennis shoes (Prada), green socks (Off White) & purse (Balenciaga)

  1. For Carolina Herrera show, we wore one of our favorite mexican designs from Luciana Balderrama:

Rosalina - Dress (Luciana Balderrama), blazer (Seta Apparel), purse (Stella McCartney), sunglasses (Karen Wazen) & booties (Revolve)

Roxana – Top, pants & jacket (Luciana Balderrama), hair clip (Virginia Carbajal), sunglasses (Bimba & Lola) & purse (Mary Frances)

  1. For Dennis Basso show, we also wore one of our favorite mexican designs from Cesar Luna:

Rosalina – Blazer (Cesar Luna), leather pants (Lpa), silver boots (Jeffrey Campbell) & purse (Lola Basso)

Roxana – Blazer (Cesar Luna), Black jumpsuit (Marciano), headband (Virginia Cabajal), purse (Louis Vuitton) & silver boots (Fendi)




  1. On our first day in NYC we went for a walk down to the Brooklyn bridge. We wore:

Luciana Balderrama coat and dress blazer paired with mom jeans and some styling boots (comfortable enough to be able to walk)

  1. And last, but not least, a total white look to walk around the city!

Rosalina – Top (Michael Costello), pants (Ruti), Belt (B-low the Belt), coat (I Am GIA), boots (Topshop), sunglasses (Dior) & headbands (Virginia Carbajal)

Roxana – Jacket (Michael Kors), boots (Off White), purse (Gucci), headband (Virginia Carbajal)


To accesorize every look, we wore Nicky Art Jewelry, Jill Hopkins, Mokita, Ophelia Jewelry, Martha Calvo & Lulu DK Lifestyle.



Stay tuned to our next blog post, we will be talking about our travel tips in NYC. Yay!


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