Martes, 13 de Marzo del 2018

Where We Get Our Beauty Service in San Francisco

Last week we experienced a luxury service at Stem Salon!

We decided to tried out a new hair style for this season and our recommendation for the best place (in our opinion) is at Stem Salon.


  • Balayage and hair cut

A technique that adds lighter shades in the middle and ends.

Roxana’s deep waves accentuates her balayaged color with a shoulder length hairstyle.

The color looks like one has been marooned on a tropical island!

  • Color correction, toner and hair cut

Rosalina decided to own a classic beauty with a fresh styling hair cut to give volume.

And updated with a color correction to a brown style.

We are extremely thankful with the Stem Salon Team that came up with the most amazing hair styles for us!


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